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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations that You Need to Visit in Malaysia

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations that Will Not Let You Down - South East Asia offers the beauty of its nature. For a newly married couple, why do not you spend the honeymoon in one of its country? Among the amazing countries in this region, Malaysia deserves to take into account. Malaysia has a lot of attractions that a couple shall never forget for good. Simply spending leisure time, shopping till drop or visiting tropical beaches with white sand is all what a couple may have. Since there have been a lot of places to go, the following information will be really helpful.

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations that You Need to Visit in Malaysia 

1. Pangkor Laut Resort

Pangkor Laut Resort

Along the Malacca Strait, in the secluded area, a beautiful privately owned island lies. On its official website, this place is called "one island, one resort". Pangkor Laut only has 300 acre in size with secluded beaches, perfect places for a couple who demands privacy while they are spending their honeymoon. It is such splendid combination between beaches and natural environment. For those with adventurous spirit, Pangkor Laut is a perfect place with a lot of places to explore.

2. Cameron Highlands Resort

As one of the 10 best honeymoon destinations, this place offers a different attraction for a couple. Located 1,500 meters above sea level, this resort is simply more than a resort, but a group of districts. Spending fun time here is contrast with tropical weather in Malaysia due to the rolling hills and tea plantations. Honeymoon becomes memorable with fresh strawberries and a cup of hot tea.

3. Batu Ferringhi

As another beach a couple may visit in Malaysia, Batu Ferrighi offers a perfect place to relax and allows the visitors to join in water sports as well as indulge in local life. Located in Penang, it has a lot of resorts where a couple can stay in one of them. Besides, Batu Ferringhi allows a couple to look art galleries up, join and enjoy the nightlife and go shopping on antique shops. Rich in types of food, Penang is one of the must-visit places for a couple who like culinary delights.

4. Bon Ton Resort

The list of 10 best honeymoon destinations includes Bon Ton Resort. It is the most perfect place for a couple who love history with romantic journey. A couple who wants a secluded beach only needs this resort. Besides, it enables the couple to indulge their desire enjoying an old coconut plantation with traditional Malay houses that are merely a few meters from the beach.

5. Colmar Tropicale

Compared to the other resorts, Colmar Tropicale is completely different due to its French-Medieval theme. Being there is not like in Malaysia with its look-like village in movie "Beauty and the Beast". A couple stands a chance of admiring this village, but also relaxing in a cool climate around the mountain views. It only takes around 45 minutes from Kuala Lumpur. Getting out from KL, the French-Medieval atmosphere shall welcome each couple to come there.

6. Four Seasons Resort

Having an adventurous streak, a couple may have to see this place. Four Seasons Resort located in Langkawi deserves to be included into 10 best honeymoon destinations. This resort belongs to a five-star resort, coddling a couple inside the heart of a rain forest with a luxurious villa. Not far from the resort, a beautiful beach reachable on foot shall be a perfect place where new married couple spends private time there without interruption. Four Seasons Resort provides three restaurants offering South East Asian and Malayan cuisine.

7. Pulau Redang

What makes Pulau Redang included into 10 best honeymoon destinations? It is because of the attractions a couple can do there. Located at the coast of Kuala Trengganu, Pula Redang enables each couple to have a try on boating, jungle trekking, kayaking and also scuba diving. Most of all, it will be a perfect place for each couple who have a strong desire in outdoor activities.

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8. Pulau Kapas

This is a small island, but inside this island, a new married couple can do a lot of things outside. It might be similar to Pulau Redang, but the relaxing atmosphere is incomparable to other places. Similarly, each couple can get involved in a lot of activities such as swimming in clear blue sea, enjoying the beauty of underwater as well as scuba diving, fishing and windsurfing.

9. Tanjung Aru

Located in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Tanjung Aru offers each couple to have a leisure time at a dazzling white beach during the sunset. That is why it shall be included into one of 10 honeymoon destinations. A lot of activities cannot be missed there, such as deep-sea fishing, horse-back riding, trekking through the jungle and enjoying a sunset on a cruise. Those are merely a few activities each couple can do there.

10. Kuala Lumpur

Shopping till drop is a term that is previously mentioned. Having spent a quality time inside resorts and small islands with enormous outdoor activities, each couple will never forget their visit in KL. Food, culture, shopping and entertainment are prepared for all couples in the world.

Malaysia offers more than what written here. Those 10 best honeymoon destinations will only be destinations if each couple does not yet pay a visit there to make their memorable honeymoon.

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