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10 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations

10 Best Beach Honeymoon Destinations - If you think about having fun with your couple in beach, you need put these 10 best honeymoon destinations into your list. For the times being, you shouldn’t need to spend much time finding out the incredible place for honeymoon since these following destinations will not let you down. What are they?

The Thing that You Should Consider before Choosing Following 10 Best Honeymoon Destinations. 

First of you, you need to check your bank account. Recently, the global economy is not quite good. Economy sector of several countries decrease and it is caused by decreasing number of tourists coming to their countries. It might be caused by rising cost of visiting. In addition, you need to consider about the weather as well. During May and next two months, you will have a great time to have honeymoon in the beach. And the following beach can be one of your unforgettable destinations for honeymoon.

1. Pichilingue Beach

Located in Mexico, Pichilignue beach is one of well-known beaches that should be enlisted as one of 10 best honeymoon destinations. Several important people have already picked this beach as the place to celebrate their life together like John and Jackie Kennedy.

10 Best Beach Honeymoon DestinationsIn Mexico, the temperature is quite warm so it is great place to go swimming or sunbathing in the beach with your couple. A lot of activities can be done like snorkeling or just enjoying the beach with your beloved one.

In this case, you need to reserve the hotel first before you arrive there due to the fact that many hotels have been booked and it is quite possibly there is no room available during high season. Therefore, you must book first at home. Pick the hotel that offers the private view of Pichilingue beach.

2. British Virgin Island

If you still think about other honeymoon destinations, try to read the review of British Virgin Island. People call it BVI. It is extremely exclusive place for honeymoon. It has beach with clear sea. It is like heaven in the earth. A lot of resorts and villas can be found in this place. It offers very special and luxurious attraction for new couple.

At noon, you can do some fun activities like snorkeling, sailing, or swimming. At night, you can enjoy the view of night from your room. It is important that you book hotel in which the room overlooks to the beach.

3. St. Lucia

Besides as one of the 10 best destinations, people know it as Jazz music island. When you love to hear Jazz music, you need to try to visit this place. Your honeymoon will be truly unforgettable since Jazz festival is usually held in this place. However, it is not all. You can enjoy sailing, walking on the chalky-white sand with your couple, or sunbathing on the boat whole day. It is located in the eastern Caribbean Sea.

4. Cayman’s Beach

If you get frustrated with crowded honeymoon, you can choose this place, Cayman’s beach. Only few tourists come to this place. It is not because of less attraction, but tourists need to spend quite a lot of money. However, it won’t be matter if you need to have tranquility and quietness with your beloved one to celebrate your new life together.

You might be able to do some beach activities in the other destinations. However, diving, hiking, and rock climbing here will be your challenging activities that you can do in this place. Meanwhile, a lot of exclusive resorts and restaurants are available. This place is going to be heaven with your honeymoon.

5. Maldives

Do you know comedian Andy Samberg? He chose this place for honeymoon with her wife, Joanna Newsom. It is good choice since this place is incredibly beautiful. It has crystal-clear water paired with white sand. Your honeymoon will be absolutely romantic.

6. Belize

Actually, it is a very small country located in the east side of America. It is close to Mexico. Even though it is small, it has attraction; the beach. Nowadays, number of tourist coming to this place keeps growing after several villas are built. Recently, those who want to have honeymoon make this place and destination to visit in order to have different experience with their new coupe.

7. Fiji

If you and the couple’s hobby are playing golf, try to have honeymoon in Fiji. It is not only offering the great view of the beach, but also golf course. You can take a short course or just play golf with the couple. It is much fun to do same hobby during honeymoon, isn’t it?

8. Seychelles

Even though this place is not as popular as Maldives, you will not regret to visit here. You can take sea ferry or private yacht to have honeymoon in this place. Unlike Maldives, this place has slightly elevation from the sea. You can find several resorts that offer different kind of service here.

9. French Polynesia

It is one of the most recommended beach for honeymoon since this place has been surrounded by thousands coconut trees. Therefore, you will feel like in the real forest since the gloves of coconut trees will protect you from the sunlight everywhere you walk with your couple.

10. Kamalame Cay

It is located in Bahama but it doesn’t mean that it is crowded with tourists during holiday. It will be your private place for honeymoon since people rarely come to visit this place. Try to make schedule here. It is strongly suggested that you spend several days

Those are 10 best honeymoon destinations that you have to put in the list before you decide which place to go with your couple.(wisata).

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