Tuesday, April 19, 2016

10 Best Hotels for Honeymoon in the World

A honeymoon should be romantic. Only in this way, each new married couple never forgets their honeymoon. It requires three elements: intimacy, luxury and privacy. Thus, each couple needs a place to stay while they go for honeymoon; a hotel that serves the best, enabling each couple to do what they want, like exploring the jungle, drifting in a private pool or tasting wines. Here are 10 best hotel for honeymoon in the world that each couple will need to stay while spending their memorable honeymoon.

1. W Retreat & Spa

 Gaya hidup

Located in Vieques Island, this resort will the first chart on hotel for honeymoon in the world. It is located in the eastern coast of Puerto Rico, a tropical island that offers white sand beach with mesmerizing view. Besides, the restaurant offers the most exciting Viequense cuisine. This Sorce restaurant and AWAY Spa are merely opening course. Each couple who just begins their life together stands a chance of planning the honeymoon based on their preferences.

2. Fasano Punta del Este

Located in Uruguay, Fasano Punta del Este feature Italian tradition. Its architectural style will flame every passion of its visitor. A new couple stands a chance of enjoying 32 freestanding bungalows. It uses leather and wood decor that makes it look warm and welcome. It has a natural rock pool and from which, each couple gets a chance to have cocktails while enjoying the beauty of sunset. To create more romantic ambiance, this resort is added with house restaurant. Enjoying honeymoon needs privacy. That is why a river beach will become a perfect place to relax and have leisure time. More activities are available such as wine tasting, tennis, golf; horseback and shopping that create a memorable honeymoon.

3. Banyan Tree Seychelles

The 10 best honeymoon destinations include Banyan Tree Seychelles, located in Africa. This secluded enclave consists of villas that enable each couple to have Indian Ocean in distance. The building styles are unique, with plantation, colonial and contemporary styles. It is like a paradise in somewhere on earth where each couple stands a chance of enjoying the private plunge pools with amazing views. Each menu consists of island specialties. Beautiful spa is available to give treatment for its visitor.

4. Sandals Ochi Beach Resort

Really want Jamaica as the honeymoon destination? Sandals Ochi Beach Resort will be a perfect place while listing down 10 best honeymoon destinations in the world. More satisfaction services are available such as beautiful pools, sixteen dining options and eleven bars. The great sightseeing is just in front while the shopping spots are not far from there. Swimming with dolphins and hiking Dunn's River Falls are ready to try by each couple.

5. Hamilton Island

Australia is one of 10 best honeymoon destinations to go, especially the one located in Hamilton Island, embraced by Great Barrier Reef qualia. For couples who want a secluded oasis, it becomes the best place of all. Each couple stands a chance of trying some activities such as boat trips to some secluded beaches where they can have picnics, and snorkeling.

6. Sun Palace Cancun

Having vacations for a new married couple will be a perfect honeymoon if they get Sun Palace Cancun. Feeling like in a palace is the first thing by the time being there. It offers quiet and convenient place for honeymoon, providing restaurant, comfortable rooms, and giving an opportunity for each couple to enjoy five other resorts in Cuncun.

7. Sandals Grande Antigua

This is one of the 10 best honeymoon destinations located in Caribbean. It will be a romantic place with perfect beach, European spa, freshwater pools and restaurants for the best cuisines. World's Leading Honeymoon has put this resort for six years, so no doubt it will be a romantic place for a memorable honeymoon.

8. Argos in Cappadocia

Middle East offers its place as one of the ten best honeymoon destinations. Located in Turkey, Argos is a perfect place for honeymoon in splendid mansion suites with cave pool. To add romantic ambiance, it has added rustic stone walls, snug furnishings and intimate nooks.

9. Domaine de la Baume

Located in France, what is better honeymoon resort than Domaine de la Baume. Each couple stands a chance of their love of wine and food. Culinary experiences are must-tried activities while being there, being prepared by local market stalls. Consisting of 99 acres, this place enables each couple to enjoy the beauty of formal garden, chestnut trees, ponds, and olive grove. It becomes really romantic in guest rooms and suites.

10. Couples Negril

Jamaica also has another perfect resort for honeymoon. It is Couples Negril. It is the best for each couple who desires a beautiful beach with delicious cuisines and extra inclusions such as snorkeling, sunset sailing, shopping, and playing golf.

All of those 10 best honeymoon destinations enable each couple to experience a new different romance in a resort with intimate and relaxing services. Only then, the honeymoon will never be forgotten throughout the life.