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10 Inclusive Resorts In Indonesia For Couple

If you admit to the Indonesian, then you should be able to present the natural beauty that exists in Indonesia. Many areas that have a charm which has not been exposed to the general public. Therefore, you should be able to convince them that Indonesia is a country that has beautiful islands. Those islands are the kind of inclusive resorts Indonesia, which is suitable for couples who fall in  love. Following some list of tourist resorts spreading across Indonesia, which you should know.

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Kinds of inclusive resorts in Indonesia, which offer romantic atmosphere

1. Jimbaran Beach, Bali

Inclusive Resorts In IndonesiaThe beauty of the beach has been sounded to many countries. Even, some foreign tourists give a five star rating for tourist sites in the various reviews online. Of course, Jimbaran Beach is an inclusive resort which is the most romantic places in Indonesia, especially if you have a budget that is a bit excessive for a honeymoon. You can spend your time in the Four Seasons or Ayana hotel while enjoying a delicious seafood dish. If you get bored, you can walk around to the beach while enjoying the cool air of Jimbaran. At the end of the visiting, you can buy various souvenirs and local crafts that will surely leave sweet memories in the future.

2. Ungasan Beach, Bali

If you are looking for a beach that is exclusive which is not too full of tourists, Ungasan is the right destination. The beauty of the beach can sweep you and your partner in a romantic and intoxicating atmosphere. Ungasan beach is located just under the cliff which is very beautiful, so it is why it’s kind of inclusive resort which is fascinating. Around the coast, there are also many hotels which are modeled on traditional bungalows that offer a satisfactory service. Ranging from cultural performances and culinary, you can enjoy at the beach. Indeed, the beach is reserved for those of you who want to sunbathe, relax, or sit around enjoying the beauty of the sunset.

3. Kanawa Island, Flores

The island is located in a Komodo nature reserve. For those of you who love exotic adventure, the island is one of inclusive resort which is perfect as a tourist destination. The beautiful beaches are very intriguing, and you can see clearly sea creatures swim at the beach. You have not to dive to get a view the variety of exotic fish such as Shark Reef, Napoleon Fish, barracuda. Beautiful sparkling coral reefs can be seen clearly from the coast. The electrical facilities are only available between the hours of 5 pm until 9 pm. It definitely increases your romantic impression of your holiday on the island.

4. Bird Island, Belitung

Inclusive Resorts In Indonesia
The beauty of the beach on Bird Island is like the atmosphere in romantic films namely; Blue Lagoon. In contrast to most beaches that have been filled by a variety of modern facilities, hotel, the island still has a silence that makes you and your partner feel as though only the two stranded on a deserted island. It is an inclusive resort which is very romantic, and of course it can make your honeymoon or vacation becomes more memorable.

5. South Beach, Lombok

Lombok deserves to be crowned as one of inclusive resorts which has the most romantic sights in Indonesia. In the southern part of the island, there are many amazing beaches that you must visit. Unlike the beaches in Bali and Java which tend to be very crowded by tourists, the beach in Lombok is still very quiet. The cleanliness becomes the important thing, and certainly it could keep the romantic atmosphere while you enjoy the sunset on the beach.

6. Raja Ampat, Papua

It’s one of romantic tourist spots which is located quite far in the eastern part of Indonesia. Although it is still rarely visited by tourist but Raja Ampat is really a place that holds romantic values ​. All elements of the holiday can be found in this place, ranging from mountains, the fresh air and exotic traditional life. It is kind of inclusive resort which full with  romantic feelling. The place is perfect for couples who like to explore nature. It can also be enjoyed by couples who prefer to sit relaxed while enjoying the natural beauty.

7. Bintan Island, Riau

It is an inclusive resort which has its own beauty, especially for its natural devine and delicacy of local cuisine. You can find white sandy beaches with very clear water here. In addition, you also get to spend time with diving and enjoy the underwater beauty of the Island. Typically, the couples who visit for holiday on the island to spend their time in a variety of exotic resorts scattered throughout the island with a relatively cheap price.

8. Kaliurang, Jogja

Inclusive Resorts In IndonesiaIf you live in Java and do not want a holiday which is too far to the outer islands, Kaliurang is the right choice. It is kind of resort which you can enjoy the cool air of the mountains while spending time to burn corn or enjoy a hot coffee with friends. You can also enjoy the beauty of Mount Merapi which is seen very clearly. If you feel bored, you can get on bus or taxi to Yogyakarta. You can take a shopping in Malioboro, enjoy Javanese culture, or just enjoy the atmosphere Yogyakarta which is very serene and cool while eating in angkringan stall.

9. Moyo Island, NTB

Moyo island is an inclusive resort which promises a very romantic atmosphere. You can spend your evening with friends in a tiny cottage while listening to the waves and the sound of sea birds. In the morning, the chirping of insects and cool air will make you eager to start the day and explore the island. If you feel hungry, let’s yourself to try the local food was incredible delicacy.

10. Sampireun Village, West Java

One of inclusive resort which has the most romantic sights in Java. Sampireun offers traditional village peaceful life, away from the noise of city activity that you meet everyday. Here, you can feel the refreshing air while chatting with your partner. Your tired feeling from many activities in a moment will vanish when you listen to sweetly Sundanese traditional music while eating delicious local dishes. The place is good choice for those who want to know the joy of living in simplicity with your partner.

After knowing those inclusive resort in Indonesia for couple which delivers fascinating sights, now it’s your turn to determine which one of the inclusive resort which you and your partner will choose.

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