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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations In June

A honeymoon is a pleasure thing for couples, especially the newly married couple. It becomes a way to get closer to our spouses. It is why so many couples are willing to spend their money to find a honeymoon place up to foreign countries. You may be confused to find a suitable place for a honeymoon in abroad, thus you should try to read the list of sites below. There are several references where you might fit with what you and your partner expect.

Recommended 10 best honeymoon destinations

1. Fiji

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What would you do in an amazing place which has 322 islands which can describe the beauty of this planet? Every place in Fiji can be referred to get a sense of peace, peaceful, and the romance itself. In addition, there are a variety of water activities that you can enjoy, you also can visit the hot spring pool which has its own crater. 

2. Hawai

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Say " aloha " to the romance, which is offered by the island which has various lists of the most beautiful places honeymoon, namely Hawai. It is a tourist destination for many young lovers to other couples. The island not only offers the romance, but it also offers culture, adventure and diversity. It is why Hawai is often referred to as the best island for a honeymoon and belong to the 10 best honeymoon destinations. For the best resting place, you are to stay in the Four Seasons Resort. You can enjoy the swimming pool for adults, a spa with massage for couples, a car rental for your travel, a dinner on the beach, and breakfast each day.

3. Bali

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It is very familiar for foreigner, moreover for us. Bali itself is one of the most well-known as a tourist spot in Asia. It is also included as a honeymoon for newly married couples. One of the places which is recommended for young couples, is the Amankila Hotel. It is appropriate with the name which means " hill of peace ". The Amankila offers a variety of beautiful scenery that directly leads to the sea. Even, you can rent the swimming pool for your own personal needs. So you cluster it into 10 best honeymoon destinations. In addition, it is not far from the place, the young couple can enjoy viscous culture such as the temples.

4. Italy

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If we mention Italy, it can be described as the delicious Pizza and Pasta Sicilian. We can stand at Leaning Tower of Pisa to watch a variety of world renowned architecture, enjoy the romantic feeling while boarding under the bridge Venice, and many more. To mention the most romantic places in Italy is very difficult because a lot of places that should be compared. No matter your choice, you will be able to enjoy the romance of Italy.

5. Jamaica

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Jamaica is one of the destinations which is most visited by couples who wish for their own romantic time. Especially at Half Moon Resort, which provides superb views of tropical forests, beaches and other panorama. The resort gives you a variety of elite facilities, such as swimming pools, spas, lakes dolphins and many others. In Jamaica, you can also see the action of the fire dancer surrounded by drum music, and enjoy a variety of exceptional natural panorama.

6. The Maldives

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It is touted as the most romantic islands in the world. In addition to offering the advantages of various Caribbean islands, each small island in the Maldives has been transformed into a luxury entertainment venue where various romances fills island. You will also feel the luxury, when arriving at the place. You will be also given a warm greeting by all employees. They will sing traditional welcome and give a cup of coconut ice cream cups in your room space. You can also enjoy a candlelight dinner menu that you can define yourself with your beloved while seeing the sights are unparalleled. It is why it belongs to 10 best honeymoon destinations.

7. Anguilla

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As one of the other islands in the Caribbean list, you will be able to find white beaches, pure waters, tropical jungle life, whole solar rays and the cool breezes from the beach. But Anguilla offers more pleasure with a uniqueness of Anguilla such as the world -class hotels. Its place gives a certain price range and luxury itself.

8. Bora Bora, French Polynesia

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Renowned for its beaches which are clean and white, it is also surrounded by clear water that is very marvelous. Especially with the various resorts and spas which are located around the island that provide amazing facilities. The Bora Bora is one of the islands in the world which can be called as "Heaven ". Thus, it becomes 10 best honeymoon destinations. Although there are varieties of lodging offers a bustling and interesting nightlife. The young couple can avoid the crowds by enjoying the moment of their own barbecue. They can also enjoy how it feels personal chef prepares their culinary outdoors.

9. Greece

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If you want to have a lot of history, sun, warm sea and diverse scenery, then Greece is the right choice. Having a lot of cultures to see the young couple making Greece become the choice for the couples from various parts of the world. Some of the places that you must visit are the Acropolis, Crete, Aegina, Mykonos, Santorini Antorini and Mystique Resort.

10. Mexico

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There is no better and tempting place than the Jacuzzi. It is followed with ocean views, massage with oil have a dinner and wine on the terrace which is directly illuminated by moonlight, that's Mexico. Some places that maybe you should visit is Nueva Vallarta, Huatulco, Mayan Riviera, La Palapa and hotel Villa Amor. The various luxuries and culinary will increase a romantic feel for the young couple on their honeymoon.

I’m sure that you cannot wait to go immediately to one of the 10 best honeymoon destinations earlier. So it is the time to take a decision. Do not forget to ask the people whom you love to go there with you. So, have fun....

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