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10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia

10 Best Honeymoon Destinations in Indonesia - Gaya hidup - Bali shouldn’t be put in the list if you know these 10 best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia. Bali is too popular and sometimes it is too crowded in high season. Therefore, having vacation or honeymoon in this place could not be right choice.

If you really want to have honeymoon in Bali, you can get the quiet place but you need to go far away from the center of Bali and possibly it costs much. Therefore, it is better if you consider the following 10 best places for honeymoon in Indonesia. These places will not let you down.

  1. Iboih Beach in Weh Island

This is one of the most natural beaches belonging to Indonesia. Why is it called natural? Because almost anything seems to be natural without any contamination from factory. Even, the society never endangers the nature. It can be proven by clear air and beach without any garbage.

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Unfortunately, local tourists don’t quite know about this beach. Meanwhile, tourists from different countries keep coming to have vacation. Some couples intend to visit Indonesia and have honeymoon in this place.

What is offered by this island? First of all, it has very beautiful beach. It is called Iboih Beach. It is local language which has meaning clear beach. Local people call it Iboih because water is very clear and clean like crystal. When you come to this place, you can see everything underwater only with naked eyes.

It is not all.  There is many others. Since the couple needs somewhere quiet, they will find here. For the times being, a lot of bungalows have been built offering many different facilities. In fact, the bungalow will make them excited to spend the time with the couple. It has been informed that this place has been provided with restaurants with various foods as well including traditional till western foods.

  1. Tiga Gili Island

Why is it called Tiga Gili Island? Because actually it contains three islands. Tiga is Indonesia word meaning three. Gili is the name of the place. So, it means that there three Gili Island.

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It is called Tiga or three because there are three islands which are located near each other when you see from the sky. They are Gili Trawangan Island, Gili Meno Island, and Gili Air Island.

This Tiga Gili Island is located in NTB (Nusa Tenggara Barat). These three islands are wonderful. They are well-known with natural beach. However, for couple who want to have much quieter place for honeymoon, Gili Meno Island is strongly-recommended. All is about natural. Motorcycles and cars are not allowed to ride here. So, it is vehicle-free area. There is no air pollution at all. If you want to go to somewhere in this island, you can ride bicycle or pedati (traditional vehicle like cart).

For the times being, development never stops to do. It has been planned that many restaurants are built in which chef from overseas will be hired. It is required in order to spoil much more customers from other countries. Your honeymoon will be unforgettable when you decide to visit this island.

  1. Moyo Island

Beside Tiga Gili Island, NTB also has Moyo island. Do you know who has been here? There are at least two popular people who have already visited this island. They are Lady Diana and Mick Jagger. It has been told that both of them live in room which directly faces the beach. Do you want to try?

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It is such a romantic place to have honeymoon. Besides most of bungalows are facing the beach, you can have fun like spending evening by lying on the beach with your couple.

It is suggested that you take tour package if you want have honeymoon in this island because you need at least a day to get this island. In addition, it is not quite easy to get accommodation to go to Moyo Island.  The plane doesn’t always fly to this island every day. Therefore, it would better if you take tour package. So, everything will be managed by tour guide. You only need to go to Indonesia and go to NTB based on the day that has been decided by your tour guide.

How long do you need to spend in Mayo Island? Actually, it is up to you. However, at least you have to spend three days. You need long time to enjoy your honeymoon and visit many tourism objects in this island.

  1. Raja Ampat
It must have been known that Raja Ampat is a heaven for diver. Nevertheless, it is also the best place for honeymoon in Indonesia. The popularity of this island has been spread out all over the world. It becomes the main reason why many resorts and hotels in this island determine high price. Almost resorts and hotels rate is more than 1 million rupiah each night.

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However, the price that you have to pay match with what you obtain. Since Raja Ampat has been well-known place for honeymoon, hotels and resorts compete to give service as what has been demanded by the customers. During afternoon, you can enjoy sightseeing the world under the water by diving accompanied by professional diver. Your honeymoon will be perfect.

  1. Yogyakarta

It can be said as the beautiful part of Java. Yogyakarta has preserve Java culture. A lot of old buildings and customs can be seen till now. That’s why Yogyakarta is truly Java.
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Several tourist objects can be found here in Yogyakarta like Parangtritis beach, Keraton (Palace), Malioboro, and many others. Since these places are getting much more popular, many hotels owners make significant improvement. They provide not only a room to stay for foreign tourists, but also special honeymoon destination package.

In Yogyakarta hotel, you will be served well with a lot of traditional foods and drinks. When you check in, special drink like jamu will be served first. During afternoon or evening, you can order special tradition food from Yogyakarta like Gudeg or Pecel. You will really enjoy your honeymoon with your couple here in Yogyakarta.

But, hang on for a while if you want to have honeymoon here. You should know the best time to visit. It is recommended to visit Yogyakarta when Ramayana Dance Performance in Prambanan Temple is held. This dance is telling love story between Rama and Shinta. Most tourists coming to Yogyakarta visit Prambanan. This temple is not far from Yogyakarta. Therefore, it would be nice if you have honeymoon in Yogyakarta and visit Prambanan to watch performance.

  1. Sampireun Village

This is the best honeymoon destination for those who have limited budget. The rate of most bungalows is about five hundred thousand till one million rupiah. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that this place is less beautiful than the others.

Sampireun village is located in Garut, West Java. It is one of the highest places in Garut. This location is surrounded by mountains and woods. Therefore, you will be able to breathe fresh air when you stay here. This place is very cold so you have to make sure that you bring thick clothes.

There are many bungalows which are built surrounding the lake. At night, the nuance of romantic is revealed. You can choose the room overlooking to the lake. Your honeymoon will be perfect here.

  1. Bukittinggi

It is known as cold place in Indonesia. It is good for those who want to have honeymoon in Indonesia. It is so cold even you will not get sweaty at day.

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Honeymoon destination is not always about having romantic dinner and stay in expensive hotel. You can have fun with your couple by renting Bendi and go around Bukittinggi. What is Bendi? It is traditional vehicle like cart. Horse will pull the car and the driver will guide you to any tourism object in Bukittinggi.

There are several attractions like Ngarai Sianok and Jam Gadang. Those are places where many people spend evening and night to enjoy nuance of Bukittinggi. Those attractions are located near several hotels from low until high rate. So, you shouldn’t worry if you don’t have much budget. You still can have romantic honeymoon here in Bukittinggi.

Don’t even forget to take a picture in Ngarai Sianok. At night, you should hang around Bukittinggi to enjoy the view at night and try Talua Tea. It is believed that Talua Tea is able to add much more power to have sex for a man.

  1. Magelang

It is not as popular as Yogyakarta even though the location of Magelang is not so far from Yogyakarta. However, if you decide to have honeymoon in Yogyakarta, you can visit Magelang as well. It only takes one hour by car.

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Magelang is well-known with Borobudur Temple, the biggest Buddha temple in the world. Because of this temple, Magelang becomes popular as honeymoon destination in Indonesia. Besides enjoying the view of Borobudur, you can also stay in hotel near Borobudur like Aman Jiwo Hotel. It is one of the most recommended hotels in Magelang. David Beckham and his wife have ever spent the night there. In Aman Jiwo Hotel doesn’t have electricity. The lighting is using uplik or oncor. It is light made of bamboo. Indeed, it will add romantic nuance when you have honeymoon in this hotel.

At the dawn, you can see sunrise from the top of Borobudur temple. In this case, it is recommended that you pick the tour package in order to save money. Usually, the ticket to see sunrise is separated and it costs quite expensive. Try to choose tour package so you can have complete service from hotel, foods, transportation, and entrance ticket.

  1. Batu

It is a small but nice city for honeymoon destination in East Java, Indonesia. It is cold city like Bukittinggi. In this place, there are several attractions like apple garden. Batu is not far from Malang which is well-known with its apple. It can be said that if people hear Malang or Batu, what coming out in their mind is apple.

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When can you spend the night? Actually, several private villas are offered there. The rate is starting from 2 till 4 million rupiah each night. Since you want to have honeymoon, it is better if you rent villa instead of hotel. It is good choice to have fun with your couple.

During the day, make sure you visit Jatim Park. It is a large place where you can see flora and fauna. Besides, you also can pick apple by yourself. Isn’t interesting picking out apples and eat them by yourself? They are still fresh, indeed. Before going back to your villa, you can enjoy the view of Malang city at night. Try traditional foods offered along the street.

  1. Bunaken  

You might have ever heard that there is couple who gets married under the sea and Bunaken is one of special places to have that kind of marriage. The water is so clear and it is good choice for those who love diving.

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Besides as place to have marriage, you also can make it as honeymoon destination in Indonesia. You can rent cottage. It is a house which is made of wood. All parts of the cottage are made of wood. You can imagine how romantic the nuance when you are together with your couple in cottage. However, it doesn’t mean that there is no modern equipment provided.

To save much money, try to pick couple package. It is an offer for those who have honeymoon in Bunaken. Besides cottage, there is another service like diving and transportation. It is better choice instead of paying ticket every time you visit attraction.

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Those are 10 best honeymoon destinations in Indonesia that you can choose. Now, you have alternative instead of going to crowded Bali Island. Indeed, it doesn’t mean that Bali is not a good place for honeymoon. However, why don’t you try different part of Indonesia as honeymoon destination? Indonesia is rich with natural tourism objects to make you and your couple have great time for honeymoon. (wisata)

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